Conservation & Restoration Services

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frame restoration
Chapman Gallery offers a wide variety of painting conservation and restoration.
Older paintings often have a yellow tint caused by varnish that has yellowed with the passage of time, residual dirt and air-borne pollutants also distort colors thus diminishing the aesthetic value of the painting.
After proper evaluation of the painting surface, the best cleaning processes can be applied with amazing results.
Torn or punctured canvases can be repaired and there are many different methods used based on the type and extent of damage.
Damaged areas and areas of paint loss are filled and conservatively inpainted using reversible materials, employing techniques that make the retouched area indistinguishable from the rest of the painting.
Water Damage, Flaking Paint, Shrinking, and Cracking are all issues that we can successfully treat.

frame restoration
Chapman Gallery also offers antique frame repair, restoration and refinishing.
Watercolors, photos, and documents can be repaired, de-acidified and cleaned.
We can also remove paper artifacts from acidic backings to extend their life expectancy for future generations to enjoy.

Chapman Gallery strives to uphold the greatest standard of care when preserving and handling your artwork.
Our clients have come to expect the highest quality work, cost-effective options and rapid turnaround time.
Estimates are furnished prior to beginning the job and work is completed in a timely manner.